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  • PAC SE

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    PowerAware AB was started to increase our electricity awareness - and thereby reduce our electricity consumption. This vision was researched and resulted in a technology that makes the current visible to the naked eye. Research showed that when we see the current in real-time, an electrical awareness is created in us - and this is where real behavioral change begins. We have been featured in TIME magazine as one of the top 50 best inventions.

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  • Plusshop SE

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    As a member of plusshop.se, you get access to the best prices in a wide variety of products, from beautyproducts, footwear and personal care to kitchen and household equipment.

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  • Padel-Point SE

    3.0% Cash Back

    Padel is the leading trend sport in the world. In Spain, where the game is deeply rooted, it is already the most popular sports activity after football. Padel-Point offers on its website everything that has to do with padel. From the adidas padel shoe to the padel racket, you will find it all here.

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