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  • Purcotton

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    100% cotton era -- "high-end 100% cotton life pavilion" is affiliated to Beijing 100% cotton era technology co., LTD.The parent company of 100% cotton times -- steady medical group is the largest nasdaq-listed enterprise producing and selling medical health materials and medical dressings in China.The product is produced in the medical-grade workshop and applies its own patented technology. It can only be put on the market after 11 medical tests after being recognized by 65 product experts.Products to maternal and child supplies, female supplies, household supplies and medical supplies four categories for users to create the "online high-end cotton life museum", to meet the user's daily purchase needs.

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  • PharmacyDirect

    Up to 2.0% Cash Back

    PharmacyDirect is the largest discount pharmacy with the highest market share in New Zealand. We were founded in 1996 and our online pharmacy is the only online pharmacy that meets the strict standards of the New Zealand pharmaceutical association and is also a member of the pharmacy society of New Zealand.According to Experian Hitwise, PharmacyDirect has been the "most popular online pharmacy" for many years in a row.Our main products include famous beauty products from New Zealand and Australia, maternal and child products, health products and common medicines.

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  • Pinduoduo

    Coupons Only

    Pinduoduo is a mainstream mobile shopping APP in China. Founded in September 2015, pinduoduo enables users to buy products at a lower price by launching pinduoduo with friends, family and neighbors.The purpose is to gather more people's strength, buy better things with lower price, experience more affordable and fun.Pinduoduo went public in the us on July 26, 2018.

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