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  • Astro Gaming

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    For years ASTRO Gaming has been involved in the design of many forms of the video gaming arena. And now that video gaming has become a leading form of entertainment, with "gaming lifestyle" quickly taking root, we decided to leverage our experience and give people an authentic gaming brand to rally around at the heart of this culture. Our products are specifically designed for the underserved hardcore gaming professionals and core gaming enthusiasts. Our overarching commitment is to improve the sport of video gaming.

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  • Avid

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    Avid powers greater creators with innovative software and hardware for the media and entertainment industry. Our customers—from large media organizations to aspiring creative professionals—are behind the world’s most beloved TV, films, and music.

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  • Ancient DNA Origins US

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    Ancient DNA Origins Offering the highest resolution ancient DNA tests Over 20 million people have taken DNA ancestry tests. These tests compared their DNA to the DNA of modern people and reported their ancestry with respect to the reports of other people. For many people, it is the deep past that fascinates them, not the present. However, up until 2010, reading the DNA of ancient people was a dream. Since then, the DNA of the Neanderthal, who lived over 30,000 years ago, has been sequenced. After that, the DNA of ancient people who lived from 15,000 BC to 1,800 AD worldwide became the main object of paleogenomic research. This forward leap in technology allowed the creation of a new type of DNA tests — tests that do not use modern-day populations as stand-ins for the ancient tribes but rather go right to the source and study these ancient peoples themselves. Ancient DNA Origins represents the next-generation of DNA tests. With our tests, users receive the ancient ethnicity estimate of their ancestors with far greater geographical, historical, and archeological detail than they could imagine. Our tests allow users to connect with historical people and places where their ancestors lived, walked, battled, created, and dreamed thousands of years ago. Using the genetic data and evidence from history and archeology, we revive the past and allow users to take part in this journey. With that respect, our tests complement the existing tests that are based on the DNA of modern people. In Ancient DNA Origins users discover their ancient ancestors by comparing their DNA ONLY to the ancient DNA of people who lived between 15,000 BC and 1,800 AD. Ancient DNA Origins' tests therefore provide powerful, innovative, and interactive means to help users identify their ancestors, trace their prehistorical lineages, and determine their ancient tribal origins as early as 15,000 years ago. Ancient DNA Origins reports employ genetics, history, and archeology to uncover the primeval origins of users, which was impossible until a few years ago when ancient DNA technology allowed sequencing skeletons and mummies. Our products Unlike other companies that sell one product (DNA test kit with all the tests included), we sell the DNA test kit separately from the tests because each test focuses on a different culture, and our test results are highly researched and detailed. Our DNA test kit ($99) is beautifully designed and comes with an arrowhead! Our tests come in two flavors, Basic ($40) and Advanced ($60). Basic tests are cheaper, have fewer features, are low resolution, and include fewer ancient people (typically 5). Advanced tests are more expensive, have more features, are high resolution, and include more ancient people (typically 15-30). Most users order the Advanced tests. Our first group of tests, available at https://www.ancientdnaorigins.com/products allows users to test themselves against some of the most fascinating groups in history, like the Vikings, PaleoIndians (Chumash), ancient Egyptians, Greek Mycenaeans, and all the tribes of the Biblical Israelites. Our upcoming tests are available at https://www.ancientdnaorigins.com/coming-up. Users can order them now at a high discount. Finally, we sell subscriptions ($120-240), which are highly discounted compared to the tests https://www.ancientdnaorigins.com/subscriptions. Subscriptions allow users to order monthly Basic or Advanced tests or unlimited Advanced tests. We strongly encourage users to do a subscription, which is also more rewarding to our affiliates. Privacy We guarantee that we will never give user’s DNA information to any third parties. The DNA information belongs to the users, and they can delete it at any time. Who are we? Ancient DNA Origins is owned by Enkigen Genetics Limited, an Ireland-registered company. Ancient DNA Origins is the sister website of Ancient Origins, a highly reputable and established owned by Stella Novus Limited, an Ireland-registered company. The ancient DNA Origins team includes Associate Professor Dr. Eran Elhaik, who developed genetic tests for many companies, including National Geographic, Home DNA, and GenePlaza, as well as, Ancient Origins members who specialize in archeology and history. Become an Affiliate of Ancient DNA Origins Apply to our program and earn a commission by referring customers to Ancient DNA Origins. Through our affiliate program, you can post a link or banner on your site and earn a commission this way. We launched early in 2022, but are growing rapidly, and we want you to grow alongside us. Our sister website, Ancient Origins https://www.ancient-origins.net/ is very well-known and respected in the field. Ancient DNA Origins Affiliate Program Details: • Unique and exciting product and a very exciting field. • 10% Commission for Content Affiliates + Coupon deals. But, 10% is just the beginning. We will be very generous with the right affiliates! • 30 day cookie duration • Access to a variety of banners and text links • Ancient DNA studies are very popular and are always covered in the press, you will have no problem mentioning those tests alongside our services • Average order value of $140 (range of $40-$240) • All the tests are available online (no shipping costs) • Our DNA kit ships only to the US for now, shipping is free. • We offer some FREE tests. • Our products make great holiday presents! • Dedicated affiliate management • Custom promotions, partnerships and bonuses based on performance • We are developing and releasing new tests all the time • Be sure to check us out online at https://www.ancientdnaorigins.com/ We look forward to your partnership!

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