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  • Rite Aid

    Up to 5.0% Cash Back

    At Rite Aid, we have a personal interest in your health and wellness. That’s why we deliver the products and services that you, our valued customer, need to lead a healthier, happier life. Everyone at Rite Aid—from our knowledgeable, caring associates and pharmacists to the members of our board of directors—works together to provide you with a superior pharmacy experience.

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  • Receptra

    Up to 15.0% Cash Back

    Receptra Naturals is a family owned, Colorado hemp company that provides premium, pure CBD hemp extracts and topicals for individuals seeking a better quality of life. We are committed to educating the public about the many health benefits of hemp and encouraging our community to incorporate our products in to an overall healthier lifestyle.

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  • Real Ketones

    12.6% Cash Back

    Real Ketones discovered how powerful ketones were by following the work Dr. Dominic D’Agostino did with Navy Seals. He was able to solve their seizure issues when using rebreathers during their missions. Dr. D'Agostino discovered that when the Seals were in a ketogenic state, their seizures stopped. This is very similar to what happens to people who suffer from epilepsy. During discussions with Dr. D’Agostino, he pointed out how powerful ketones were in dealing with other metabolic issues and overall general health. The brain, organs, and tissues see ketones as their preferred fuel source over glucose.

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  • Remi

    11.0% Cash Back

    This product is designed for you! Best results with our gel come from overnight use – which is why having custom trays is so important. Because of the longer exposure time, we are able to exclude the harsh chemicals other teeth whitening agents include to speed up the process. This results in a gel that is kind to sensitive teeth.

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  • Resperate

    10.0% Cash Back

    Resperate is the only non-drug therapy cleared by the FDA for the treatment of high blood pressure and the reduction of stress. It is the first medical device that has been CLINICALLY PROVEN to lower blood pressure. Resperate is a portable computerized device that guides you through sessions of therapeutic breathing, powerful enough to lower blood pressure.

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  • Revitive

    8.0% Cash Back

    We are a family owned company founded in 2003 with our first Revitive® Circulation Booster launching in 2005. Over the last decade we have continued to develop the Revitive Circulation Booster® range working with designers, engineers and medical experts from leading universities. Revitive products are drug-free medical devices which are rigorously tested to ensure their efficiency and safety. More than 2 million people in 13 countries have used the Award Winning Revitive Circulation Booster to return to activity and live their best healthful lives.

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  • Rodale Store

    4.0% Cash Back

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  • Reema-Beauty

    3.0% Cash Back

    Created by Reema Khan and Mosin in 2003, the Trendz Beauty Group is recognized as the pioneer of well-known beauty concepts by providing innovation in the field of beauty.

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  • RobKellerMD

    Up to 30.0% Cash Back

    RobKellerMD is a healthcare company that produces nutritional supplements that contain Glutathione. The company was established by Dr.Robert H.Keller,a Physician in the fields of Internal Medicine, lmmunology, and Hematology.RobKellerMD offers glutathione contained nutritional supplements. Some of their products include; OGF-Glutathione Supplements, GRB-Glutathione Drink, PEC-Enzyme Supplements,AID-Multi-Vitamin, NAR-Allergy Relief, GIB-Probiotic, and Super lmmune Booster. They claim their products are formulated to enhance health and boost immunity, with increased antioxidant support, critical detoxification, decreased inflammation, and strengthened immune function.

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