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  • Michael Kors UK

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  • Mybag AU & UK

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    My Bag是一家专门经营包包的英国网站,网站的品牌很多,基本上热门的牌子都有。

  • Maison De Fashion

    返利 6.0%

    Maison De Fashion是领先的奢侈品在线时装零售商之一,专营一线,设计师,当代和高级运动服装,鞋类和配饰。


    最高返利 4.8%


  • Magee 1866

    返利 4.0%

    Magee由John Magee于1866年在爱尔兰多尼戈尔成立,当时是一家小型的布料店,买卖手织花呢。Magee至今仍在多尼戈尔设计和编织奢华面料--多尼戈尔周围不断变化的土地和海景激发了色彩和设计的灵感。2015年,Magee收购了成立于1666年的苏格兰工厂Robert Noble。我们使用最优质的纱线--羊绒、羔羊毛、羊驼、丝绸和亚麻。这些面料被用于制作男女服装和家居用品。我们仍然保持着小规模的手工织造业务--面料与19世纪的粗花呢相差甚远,如今它们使用豪华的纱线织造,从而获得了精美柔软的手感。2013年,我们推出了Magee配件系列--在爱尔兰和英国设计和制造的奢侈品。家居内饰包括投掷物、蜡烛和坐垫。男女配饰--羊绒衫、围巾和包。这些产品可以在网上或我们的商店购买。每一个Magee1866系列,无论是面料、服装还是配饰,都是为了反映我们独特的传统和现代的风格。

  • Mashu

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  • Mastershoe

    返利 1.6%

    Who We Are: Mastershoe.co.uk is a family owned business specialising in footwear. Established in 1982, we originally commenced trading in Bath & now have a high street store in Trowbridge (Wiltshire), along side our website, eBay shop and Amazon store. As online has grown, we have reduced our high street store presence to better focus on the online business. Why Join the mastershoe-myshu Affiliate Program: Our website is based on over 4 warehouses of current lines and great sellers. Using a central stock control system, all stock levels are automatically cross-platform maintained. We also offer a 'best price guarantee' where we promise to be the best price online, or we will beat it by £1. We aim to stock what we consider the key brands - at fantastic prices. Due to offering our stock at the best price, we do not activaly promote voucher codes or offers. We do occasionally mail-shot a deal to our customers, but this is not extended to affiliates due to our low margins. We are Google Trusted, ranked number 1 on Trustpilot and PCIDSS and SSL accredited How do you benefit from the Mastershoe program at Webgains? Banners: Available on request Datafeed: fully automated and updated daily Commission: 4% (including VAT and shipping) Cookie Length: 30 days Affiliate Approval: Manual - response within 7 business days Voucher Codes: 2% Guidelines for approval to the program: We encourage all interested sites to apply to our programme. However, before you can participate in our program, we will need to approve your site. Mainly we look for sites that are aesthetically pleasing and well maintained, in keeping with the Mastershoe website. The following sites are acceptable: Search Engine Homepages and Personal Websites Shopping directories Blogs and content sites Price Comparison sites Cash Back Remarketing Retargeting Non-profit The following sites are not acceptable: Mature/Adult Sites that promote, contain, or link to sexually explicit or graphic materials and/or language Sites that promote violence Sites that promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age Sites that promote illegal activities and substances Sites that contain any libellous, defamatory or disparaging materials Sites that contain material that is defamatory, fraudulent or harassing to us or to any third party Sites that have a clear stated mission that is in part to support religious or politically active causes, as represented on the homepage or key landing pages Sites under construction v Competitor web sites Sites that use our copy (product descriptions, content etc.) Sites that offer deals that are not actually deals (i.e. Free UK Shipping) - this upsets other affiliates as the cookie overrides theres. We do not support false offer advertising. These are only general guidelines, and we reserve the right to make exceptions. Please note that if you fail to meet the terms of our agreement we may suspend your account from the program at any time. Mastershoe brand name: When mentioning Mastershoe on your website, please refer to us as Mastershoe or Mastershoe.co.uk. Please do not use the Sportshoe or Myshu branding, as this has now been dropped. mastershoe-myshu PPC Policy: PPC Policy: Closed Vouchers: 2% Commission

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